Fitness while Pregnant

While I am qualified to write you a fitness program, this blog is meant to only speak to my own experience. It is not mean to demonstrate “what your fitness program” should look like while pregnant. As I am 18 weeks pregnant this coming Friday, I can really only speak for the time that I have lived, and I will aspire to share more, as time passes. If you want coaching you can checkout that website, or email me thru the contact form here.

Currently, I have been running or walking between 40 – 50 miles a week, with some cycling. I go to the gym ( small private and usually Im the only one there for those with Covid concerns), two to five days a week. My workouts are 20 – 45 minutes at the gym, strength only no plyometrics or cardio. I prefer to do my cardio outdoors or at home on Zwift, on my bike trainer.

Things that I have discovered that help…

Hydration: Being pregnant, hydration is more important that ever. Where as before I could easily jam in a gym workout hydration free, I’ve learn that mild stomach distress is best handled early with a carbonated seltzer water… I try to never leave for the gym, without some form of hydration, maybe two especially if I plan to run after !!!

Protein: While I’m not a huge supplement fan, protein is extremely important when creating life. And post gym I’m usually lower appetite, so if nothing else I try to have a post gym protein shake. I choose vegan shakes that are NSF tested if I’m going to have one, otherwise I try to eat a meal when I get home to best optimize muscle recovery and make sure the both of us have all the nutrients needed.

Recovery: Billy and I have a pair of recovery boots that seem to aid with compression, swelling, tired legs post run, or post lots of dog walks while dealing with pregnancy. I have been over the top protective to the point of feeling lazy, bailing out on almost all social runs for fear of overdoing it or not being able to go “my pace”… But I think the best recovery element is sleep, which still escapes me from time to time, so when it’s lacking I’ll choose long dog walks over trail runs, try to add in afternoon naps which seem to be nightmare free ( so far).

Gym time: Gym time has become more incorporated into my weekly cycle than it is when I run more. There are a few reasons for this. First, it seems to be easier to breath between weight lifting sets, versus while trying to run up a hill. Second, while I can’t control my cardiovascular capabilities as much right now, I can control muscle atrophy and potential muscle loss. So while lifting feels good, I’m doing more of it, if that changes my schedule will adjust accordingly.

Perspective: While what Im doing currently feels like “not much”, or “slow and sluggish”, I am very aware that both my current “heavier body” and “lower exercise levels” are what a lot of people would strive for as their “goal fitness”. I am acutely aware of these realities, and SO SO SO GRATEFUL, that this pregnancy to this point has felt manageable with a fitness routine. I know thats not the case for so many moms. My own mother wasn’t allowed to do anything but walk, and as someone who was an avid runner, swimmer, and cyclist that was crushing to her. So knowing this I am thrilled for what my body is doing and of what it is capable, and I’ve done my best to “keep my eyes on my own paper” or my focus on my own pregnancy, and not compare with elite athletes I may know thru work or social circles. That said, it is a constant adjustment of what feels right for my body, what feels like a workout, but still easy, and what that may look like will change as things progress.

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