It’s not worth a forest fire.

In the true train wreck of 2020, a massive forest fire was recently begin by a gender reveal party gone wrong. And now that you all know a little more of Billy’s personality type you can only imagine, neither of us wanted to begin a forest fire… Or to have a party based off of the predicted gender a child may embrace ( or not ) depending on what their genitalia looked like on an ultrasound.

I was convinced Sage was a boy, the name I had known since the beginning. Billy seemed concerned Sage wasn’t a boys name, but I was withholding debates until we could find out if one was even needed.

The reason I knew Sage was a boy was simple. Pregnancy was going along pretty easy. Sure my runs had slowed down some ( a lot ), and I had to walk up every incline. Sure my sleep was suffering, I had a few aches and pains mostly a stiff back by the evenings most days. But it wasn’t what the internet made it out to be. I hadn’t been sick, if anything only mildly queasy once at the gym. My mom had told me stories of vomiting in every state on the east coast, my friends with girls had discussed more than once how miserable they were. So Sage was clearly a boy, still I registered for gender neutral things. I’m a bit in love with a capsule wardrobe in my own life, and I see no reason a future infant would need frivolous things, or an overbearing wardrobe constantly proclaiming their genitals.

Still, to the doctor together we went for my 15 week appointment, and with the snark that endears my gynecologist to me he asked, “Do you want to know what your child is? Or would you prefer I write it down for some stranger to tell you in a cake or something?”…. We responded with our lack of interest in beginning forest fires, and proceeded to find out that Sage Athena was 95% surely a girl. So here we are, with a name, a high probability on biological sex, and no need for any name debates.

This time, announcement came easy as we had an epic weekend long run, and one of the photos seemed flawless for the social update…. Several people who don’t read captions, thought it was a pregnancy announcement, but my excitement was more over the long run. 18 miles and about 6,000 feet of elevation gain. It seemed the second trimester truly is a little more golden. My longest run prior during known pregnancy was 16 miles with 3,000 feet of elevation gain, so it was beginning to feel like my body was my own again.

With some occasional sleep, and feeling stamina for mountain summits and ocean trails, I find myself with just a pinch of guilt, am I enjoying this too much ?

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