Telling the World?

One friend, became two, and then three, because thats how many close girlfriends I have in my closest circle, next it was two more I am long distance but virtually close with… that lived thru the infertility struggles I battled in a previous lifetime. Billy told his parents and I told mine, after doctor confirmation. I think they were both pleasantly suprised, we had told them all this summer we were going to try, and excited for kids, but for me to get pregnant within weeks of that announcement…. They were surprised at the ease and speed it probably seemingly happened with…

As we edged with rapid pace towards the end of the first trimester, and I found my rhythm with my workouts again “establishing a new normal” – the saga of 2020 is seemed… I brought up with Billy when we should Tell the World?

In his true quiet nature, he seemed befuddled. Tell the World? I’ve told everyone thats of value to me… by this point he had told his co-workers ( to excuse when he popped out to join for an afternoon doctors visit with me ), and those he considers close…. And in hormone led tears, I had my first “pregnancy melt”, what do you mean you don’t want to announce a pregnancy with me?

So he’s not a big “taking photos of himself kind of guy”, in fact he’d almost rather never be the subject of a camera lens. Its probably due to the fact he ended up the star on a cover of an internationally acclaimed book, and over a decade later it is painfully the first thing people want to talk about every time he mets another person or does a podcast with someone in the running world. I don’t believe he ever would have been a “Look at Me” kind of guy, its the antithesis of his personality, and a characteristic he despises in others, but the kind of trauma he’s taken from one good albeit photoshopped photo, I guess I can’t really blame him.

Hysterics aside, I explained photo documentation to me was of value, as one of the things I wish I had more of was photos of my parents when they were younger, and photos of my childhood. And he agreed to any cheesy overly posed photo I wanted, as long as they were for primarily us and not just posed for the world. Once I had started brainstorming photo ideas, he even proposed a few of his own trying to show me in honesty he was on board with all of the cheesy dumb things I felt of value. Or perhaps he was just really trying to prevent any futures melts. Whatever the case, his sensitivity is always so appreciated.

Ironically after thinking of all the ways I wanted to “announce, I ended up with a solo photo at a mountain summit ( with doctors permission for high elevations ). It was the most understated of announcements if you can call it that, more you should be paying attention to the captions people. I still get messages from shocked people daily, those to whom captions must seem like too much work.

But with that the world had been told, if you will… and the onslaught of advice of what to do with the person in my abdomen could begin.

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