What is your schedule like?

A request I got on my Instagram was what a normal day looks like for me. . How do I workout so much? Do I even have to work?

Yes, I work full time or more, but its not a normal 9 – 5. Its more like this….

6:00 / 7:00 am Wake up, text my friend in the neighborhood see which of us is up first, and walk our dogs together. If one of us is up and moving first we just go and meet up when the other wakes up. I try to wake up naturally, so when I’m not pregnant I tend to sleep better to 7 am, and lately its been anywhere between 3 am and 7 am wake ups.

Mornings with Zia and my dear friend are some of most enjoyable moments of every day

8:00 am Make breakfast, clean up the house, start bread if making some for the evening or soak beans ie. begin any long term dinner preps that need to happen

9:00 am Gym or Bike trainer at home or Run or a combo of the following, some mornings meet with in person training clients ( to learn more about that click here)

18 week belly bump on the bike trainer, while I normally enjoy the heat pregnancy REQUIRES a fan & water nearby!

11:00 am Catch up on client emails, make lunch

2:00 pm work on more workout & nutrition plans for clients or run errands, potentially gym if I didn’t earlier in the day, maybe finish house cleaning, a few days a week I have clients in this midday/mid afternoon client.

3:00 try to squeeze in a second dog walk if possible. One unexpected thing about being pregnant (it makes sense I just didn’t think of it prior) is I really miss running with my dog. Because my balance is a little wonky I feel clumsy and have been primarily walking her (since our neighborhood needs leashes) and her runs have had to be with Billy or the once a week or so I drive somewhere that she can run off leash.

4:00 pm Billy should be getting home soon, work a little more so I can hopefully not have too much to do in the evening

4:30/ 5:00 pm start dinner (depending on Billy’s post work workout plans and how long they will be this timeline may adjust )

6:00/7:00 pm eat dinner watch a Netflix show ( lately its been obsessing over Great British Baking Show)

8:00 pm Final work emails, return client texts, adjust anything that is needed in the next 24 hours for clients

9:00 pm bedtime

On the weekend this schedule varies more based on Billy’s availability and usually to allow a longer run or hike at least one of the mornings and a Farmers Market Trip another morning… It will be interesting to see with a newborn how this will adjust, and what capacity it limits my daily flexibilities.

One of the things Billy and I have been doing is building a cabin for guests, but also to make it a small gym area, so that leaving the house to go to the gym won’t be a necessity. I know with sleep compromised potentially more than it is currently I’ll want to be able to workout whenever the scheduling permits and the energy allows. Another thing I have been doing, is running more trails and doing less of my bike trainer and less road running, in preparation for the reality that road running and the bike trainer will probably have to be my main sources of cardiovascular activity for a while.

What scheduling adjustments did you have to make with a newborn?

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