Halfway to the Finish or Just getting Started?

This week is 20 almost to 21 weeks pregnant, halfway there by the medical definition. Although, the first few weeks, were kind of a “given”, I did know before I was “late” and normally before most women are able to tell… I do know most first time moms go longer than the “40 weeks” especially ones of European descent ( generally 41.5 weeks), so thats my mental “due date”. I have zero intentions of rushing this process, as long as we both remain healthy.

Hiking up a hill, to run down, seems to be the new tempo of my running.

So where am I at? Whats the good the bad and the ugly?

The good:

I’m still running a fair amount, this week was a lower volume week due to more cycling, and more adult responsibilities, but in perspective I haven’t had but one low mileage week since I’ve been pregnant. Most weeks are ranging between 35 miles a week ( with more cycling & strength) and 55 miles a week ( with good weather & great company) .

I haven’t gained much weight, this week the doctors put me at 144. For perspective, my normal training weight is 125 – 128, my trying to get pregnant weight was 135 – 137. So I’m up about 10 pounds at this point? Either way, I’m comfortable, enjoying the fact Im showing, but still able to wear 99% of my clothing.

I discovered a non alcoholic beer I enjoy, and have been indulging in that every so often, to feel like Im having splurge.

Billy has been, amazing, sensitive, kind, thoughtful, helpful, and if anything overwhelmingly supportive in ways I didn’t imagine possible. I only have to make an odd face, or ask for help, and without any sort of question he is up for whatever task or chore I may need assistance with. . . which brings us to the next topic, the bad.

We settled on a name with far less debating than I thought may need to take place. Its magical, its perfect, and it can’t cross my lips without a smile. I am so happy we were able to find the right name for him.

The bad:

My bladder is seemingly normal, unless Im running. Then it seems to fatigue quickly, and frequent trail stops have become absurdly common, at minimal every 20 minutes or so.

I have had three vomits, this entire pregnancy. Once was getting to close to the compost with a hyper sensitive nose a few months ago, but two were in the last week, I’m not sure if it was a bad meal, a mild stomach bug, or just some baby adjustments. I’m hopeful vomiting doesn’t become more common place, but if it does, I’ll manage, I’m super grateful its been so minimal so far!

I suppose I have had the touches of what would be labeled as heart burn, its something I’ve never experienced, and it hasn’t caused any serious issues. It seems to start as soon as I eat in the morning, and hangs around mildly until I go to bed. It if becomes uncomfortable, I’ve been advised Tums are quite the coping mechanism, but I’m open to all ideas.

The ugly:

Insomnia in the first trimester, was coupled with nightmares that luckily seem to have dissipated. I think with less stress about the health of the baby, and making it this far, I am less anxious about the entire situation. Either that or the upgrade from full bed to king bed, was a worthy investment.

If you’re still here, I’m shocked, but thank you for tuning in to the updates.

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