Staying Flexible, at 22 Weeks

One of the things sports has taught me, is the importance of staying flexible both mentally and physically. As I progress in pregnancy, I am keeping flexibility in mind, not just that of my pelvic floor but that of my spirit, habits, mindset, and of course expectations of my physical body.

One of my dear friends Katja is a doula, unfortunately not close enough I could claim her as my own here on Big Island, however she has a fabulous business BEST Birth Hawaii. Yet, some wisdoms she has imparted with me, have encouraged me to allow my body to relax, to dive into the flexibility of the process, and to focus on my long term goals of a healthy and happy birth process.

My goal is of course, a natural birth, however I do believe in medical intervention when necessary. Navigating education of this, debating options, and diving into the preparations of attempting a natural birth, requires flexibility of mind and body.

Some things I have begun to do with more intention and consistency, include daily movements or yoga, meditation and positive birth experience research, and attempting to listen to the intuition of how my body wants to move (or not move) each day. I have discovered by listening to my body, some of my runs have become walks, some have become near sprints or at least much faster than I have been running the last 5 months. Each day is unique, and the discovery of what that pace and movement will be, is enjoyable in the journey. I am still running more miles than most, grateful for each one of them now. I have been training for strength still, with a focus on mobility and breath more so than before…

“The choices and preparations that you make before the birth have great impact on your birth experience.” – Penny Simkin

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