Midwife > OB GYN

Welcome to 6 months and what an odd week this has been already!

Monday, I met with my midwife, after several phone interviews I chose an in person consult with my favorite option, and had an amazing hour sit down with her. We went in her every possible concern, question, and topic imaginable. It was fabulous to have someone discuss my health and hopes without once glancing at a watch or wall clock. She was amazingly supportive about the path I’ve been taking as far as workouts, nutrition, and was also able to give me some ideas of things to consider without making me feel lectured or directed. I noticed my weight had spiked (155 from 145 when I last checked a month prior) at her office but assumed it was a different scale, and afternoon water. She assured me I was well within a healthy range and my weight was otherwise a complete non topic.

Tuesday, I had my regularly scheduled OB appointment to go over the more in depth organ ultrasounds I had last week, and discuss any concerns he may have. Pending no issues or concerns I already planned this to be my last traditional medical appointment. Of course the first thing was the scale (154 with shoes etc) and I flinched mildly, it wasn’t the scale I had tipped over the 150 range for sure… After vitals and the typically long wait, my OB popped in and before hardly a greeting came the comment. Wow you’ve gained a lot of weight. Did you stop working out? No. Hmmm Did you change your eating habits? No. Hmmm Well maybe it’s just water you’ll lose 10 lbs of that during childbirth. He briefly moved on, I explained I wouldn’t be seeing him in the future (which he was gracious about)… and I left his office with permission for them to forward my medical records to the midwife.

Wednesday, I wake up beginning slowly with a short meditation, followed by coffee and homemade toast with avocado. Once I’ve caught up on the news I take Zia out for a walk when it hits me. I allowed a 30ish year old doctor with little to zero nutrition education to alter my perception of my body for just a brief moment. First, of all I hiked 17 miles in the sun on Sunday, and at almost exclusively carbs and about 6 liters of fluids. Next, I took Monday as a rest day doing only my pregnancy yoga and a short mile or so walk, while also eating more savory salt foods than normal. In any given day I gain 6-8 lbs from morning to evening with water retention, but always drastically more after an athletic event. One 100 mile race I gained and held onto about 15 lbs for almost a week. While I don’t normally consider hiking “athletic” the 8 hours of hiking and hanging out in the sun, and the effort of the 17 miles is athletic right now. Of course my weight was up, this morning I woke up “debloated” and probably closer to 150 (not that a number matters ans by no means defines me)…. but I was shocked at myself that I let an ignorant male cause me to question myself, my process, and my body, just because of a lab coat.

And I am left with the horrific thought, how many women end up traumatized by men in this scenario when the typical MD has the limited education they got in high school health class with everyone else nation wide?

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