Training Shifting 20 weeks to week 26

Rounding the corner past 26 weeks and I realize I’ve forgotten to write about a few training shifts the last two weeks. The main reason for these blogs is a self journaling habit, to keep the memories of this precious time close, and also to hopefully be a source of positivity or at least honesty for other active moms to be…

About three weeks ago at week 23 I noticed my weekly miles were trending downwards from 40s and 50s to a new low of 22 miles in a week. While I’ve let go of “expectations” or mile “goals” I noticed the weeks post week 20 I had been feeling slightly more fatigue with every easy run. It was resulting in shorter runs, and overall less movement.

So I switched up my plans from heading out for a run to heading outside for whatever my body felt… mostly it was walks, but the next week I was up to 60 miles a high for the past few months anyways…

As I’m doing this pregnancy “training” with the intention of simply moving as much as things feel good, this was exciting ! I get to move more and feel less intensity! Taking the word of “running” out of the movement expectation and replacing it with “whatever I feel” – which is convenient since bending down to toe shoes is a hassle and sandals are great for long walks! While I still find myself primarily running a few days a week, this word switch has been a clutch key in continuing to feel great later in pregnancy!

As far as other training, I’m Hitting my Spinning Babies Yoga routine about 5 nights a week, strength training is 2-4 times a week, and cycling has been less than once a week… The lack of cycling is only because I’m saving my patience for indoor training hours when I have a newborn I don’t want to pack up for outdoor adventures!

My overall recovery has felt great, I feel 100% fresh every day or I completely rest. I’m sleeping well this trimester about 8.5 hours a night average, using recovery boots, arnica, cbd, and massage as my main methods of intentional recovery!

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So that’s where I’m at, practicing good sleep hygiene, working on meditation and yoga more seriously than I have in years, enjoying long walks, and really loving every moment of this beautiful journey. For those of you still here, thank you dearly for tuning in, I hope you found value in my thoughts.

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