Vivid Dreams

28 weeks 5 days

I’ve always been a vivid dreamer, but the category of things I dream about are consistent… My family, my closest friends, and over a lifetime of nightmares usually similar in theme if not in topic.

However for the last 6 weeks or so I’ve had dreams that aren’t mine. They are his, I was so sure of it the first time it happened I woke up Billy in a fog to tell him I was having thoughts and dreams that weren’t my own. It’s like the layer between us isn’t fully sealed and I’m able to experience his memories from another life or his dreams and hopes for this one.

Each dream is of course different, but the themes are not mine to dream of, ocean, fishing, swimming with sharks and dolphins fearlessly, driving a tractor trailer, rescuing an injured octopus…. Each time I learn a little more about him, who he might have been or who he hopes to become. I hope this layer between us stays thin for a while.

This tiny pink octopus could one day be named Opisthoteuthis adorabilis. (Image credit: Screenshot, Science Friday )

Each time I have one of his more specific dreams I wake up with new knowledge, specific that I know wasn’t mine before… the brand of a fishing rod, the type of fishing rack specific to a Mini Cooper, the intricacies of shifting a tractor trailer, the ability and timeline for octopuses to regrow their limbs. I wish I could see his face, his smile, or know what his journey on this life will look like, but I suppose that story will come soon enough. For now I suppose I’ll dream of the sea.

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