A few notes at 31+4

First and foremost a celebration for Cosmo being LOA already! A weeks of pelvic elevations and two evenings with ice we’re enough to encourage him to move. I’m sure he would have moved eventually, but I’m much more comfortable now and so grateful for Katja’s advice to help get him moving early!

Secondly, I’ve decided to get Doula certified, thru a DONA certified course for my CEUs for my ND. So all of my obsessive reading can go to a purpose, beyond just my self education. I’ve realized too few women have the luxury of time that I do, and the resources that I do to read and study for this season of their lives. As I live in a more remote location, with an absence of family except for Billy, and minimal access to close friends… I am aware that many women would find this island, isolating and without the luxury of the education I’ve been obtaining, I can imagine this process would be terrifying.

Other than those small updates, life is good. I am sleeping more. My workouts have shifted to walks, yoga, and strength. I am completely satisfied with that and enjoying the journey my body is taking me on daily. I am pleased with feeling attuned to my intuition and excited to meet Cosmo whenever he feels like coming to this side.

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