Full term… 37 + 1

What a relief it was to pass the “full term” checkbox off. Sorry for the lack of updates for the few people who read here, it’s been wild month or so it’s been. . . Billy & I have had a whirlwind of houseguests since January so I haven’t had time to collect my thoughts.

As we edge into the final few days/ weeks I’ve been surprised at how good I’ve continued to feel. Insomnia has crept back in the last few weeks, but my energy is usually fairly high still until a mid afternoon dose of fatigue hits.

We got a puppy a few weeks ago, Zeus. He’s an adorable bundle of energy and has learned so fast. Most people thought it was a terrible idea, Billy included… but of all the puppies I’ve had, he’s been the simplest to train and the most willing to please. So that was a relief, to have him housebroken and well trained for the most part within the first week.

Zeus enjoying his first beach & swimming outing

Unfortunately it has been horrible rain this month, when all I want to do is be outside and soak up the last few moments of “non mom” freedoms. So I’ve gotten to hike, and explore less than I would like. However, the lack of fun has made me more productive with my online clients program planning… which is probably the more responsible life choice. . .

So here we are, full term, my belly dropped around week 36, the entire side of this island is flooding, I have a house full of wrestling dogs and houseguests…. and my morning started off with dry heaving and vomiting. Maybe it’s early labor, maybe it’s just a practice run? To be continued. . .

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